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Saturday, April 09, 2005


The Awesomes

So tomorrow, in a little more than 12 hours, I will be on my way to Northern Minnesota to visit my friends, who from this point on, will be called the Awesomes. Mr Awesome is a graduate of my fine seminary, and is now serving a parish in Northern Minnesota. He's one of the greatest people I have ever met, and he has an amazing family. Mrs Awesome is his wife, and they have three boys C, J and K who are about 16, 10 and 6 respectively. They have two dogs and two cats, as well, so you can imagine that their house is never quiet. And I love it that way. The way we met is kind of a coincidence. At my seminary we have (or had) what is called the Connections program, where it matches single student with students with families. My first year I was matched with a young couple, and my friend "Christine" was matched with the Awesomes. Now Christine and I were friends, and my match and the Awesomes were friends, so we started hanging out together. Thursday nights were THE night at the Awesome household, and we'll all gather for supper and then to watch Survivor and ER. As things progressed, however, I got much closer to the Awesomes and Christine got much closer to my match. One year, over Easter, I went to Disney World with the Awesomes. That was amazing. For my CPE (clinical pastoral education) I stayed with the Awesomes while Mr. Awesome was on his internship in Duluth. They ended up really becoming like a second family to me. So it is with MUCH MUCH MUCH excitement that I think about getting the opportunity to spend time with all of them, and to meet their second dog. They got him right before they moved to their first call parish. So, if this is my last post for a while, don't assume the worst. I am most likely not dead. I am most likely buried under a pile of kids and dogs and Mr. Awesome. It'll be a good time. However, if I don't start posting again by a week from Sunday, you might want to send a search party. Or at least have someone contact me at the Awesomes' house and tell me to stop shirking my internship responsibilities. But now, I must go to bed. I'm tired.

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