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Sunday, April 24, 2005



[editor's note: we here at "stumbling toward divinity" would like to say that Sunday nights are not the best for optimal flowing of creative juices for our author. After a weekend of preaching and teaching and talking and sharing and ministering and playing, his brain seems to stop all forward motion at about 12:30pm on Sundays at which point it begins to move in a steady decline. At that point, things which are often easy and/or trivial, such as coming up with a title for a blog entry or tying one's shoe, begin to take on epic proportions and so if unecessary are best left undone. We hope you understand. Thank you for your continued patronage!]
So, here I sit at my computer wondering what drops of wisdom will issue forth from my fingers. It's not that I have anything of any importance to say. It's more that tomorrow is my day off and so I feel like I shouldn't go to bed so early. Like I have nowhere to be tomorrow, so I should live it up tonight. Although my definition of "live it up" has been greatly altered these past almost 9 months.
Previous definition of "live it up" - The act of spending time with friends, forgetting about studies or exams or the set of rules under which I am to abide, and allowing myself to have fun, which may or may not include imbibing adult beverages, but which always includes relaxing, laughing, joking, goofing around, and often times eating.
Current definition of "live it up" - The act of spending time sitting on the chair or sofa, watching quality television* and drinking soda, forgetting about sermons to write or Bible Studies to lead or church politics, and often times eating.
So, yeah. Chances are I'll end up going to bed soon. That should also be included in my definition of living it up. Replace the period at the end of eating with a comma and then add: "followed by going to bed knowing that tomorrow I do not have to wake up to that God forsaken alarm clock." I suppose that works for both definitions of living it up. Neat.
Anyway, that being said, I really have nothing else to talk about. I managed to survive my sermon preaching this weekend, but I do not believe that I will be posting it. It's not one of my favorites, and even if it were, I'm not sure how comfortable I am with posting my sermon in a spot where a whole bunch of unknown anybodies can read it. Makes me a bit nervous.
Okay, I guess it is off to bed for me, seeing as how this is going nowhere productive or interesting.
* "quality televisison," in this instance, is a relative term and does not mean "a degree of excellence" or "being of a higher standard." Just so you know.

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