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Sunday, April 17, 2005


a couple of things

okay, so i know that i should be in bed now, especially since i've been noticeably tired for the past hour or so... but i was procrastinating getting up and going upstairs and then i thought of a few things that i should post about.

1. i have issues with my cordless microphone during worship. meaning most of the time it doesn't work. and then other times it cuts in and out, especially while i'm talking or chanting a psalm. well, today it felt like working the whole time, and people complimented me and said they were glad they could hear me. even Tom said i was doing a good job and speaking with authority.

2. the missing flamingoes have come home. randomly, two weeks ago, one of the members of the congregation came up to me and said that they had had the flamingoes at their house for quite some time now, and wanted to know if we wanted him to bring them back. i said that would be wonderful. so they came home today. i helped them get situated into their room. i was glad to see them.

3. tomorrow my pastor leaves to meet "nyi." and while normally i feel ambivalent about this, my week spent with my friends the Awesomes has really gotten me thinking about this next year at seminary, and life beyond seminary, and so while i'm glad for my opportunity to learn and grow here on internship, i know that it is not where i'm supposed to be permanently. and so i'm glad that nyi can have the same opportunity that i have had. it will be good for him.

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