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Sunday, April 03, 2005


do i have the stamina

to write a blog?
OF COURSE! Although after this, I'm going to bed.
Today was another one of those marathon days. Last night I had a cleaning frenzy. My house might be close to the cleanest it has been since I've moved in. Vacuumed, swept, threw A LOT of junk away, cleaned the kitchen, got rid of massive amounts of those imitation lady bugs (they're "asian beetles" but they look like little orange lady bugs and they are ALL OVER), and then I finally collapsed into bed at midnight (after remembering to set my clocks forward). Of course, then my alarm clock decided to malfunction and I woke up with brief moments to get ready and over to church in a timely manner. And then we confirmed those little punks. And, I'd have to say, that a part of me was kind of sad to be done with them. Although I'm excited at all of the options that are open before me during the education hour at church! Now, in the past, when my dad was pastoring churches and he'd confirm youth, invariably at least 95% of the youth would invite him to their luncheons and parties and whatnot, in celebration of the confirmation. Since, supposedly, the pastor plays a large role in the formation of faith, he'd be invited to the celebrations that these youth had affirmed their baptisms. Well, guess how many families of the ten kids that were confirmed invited me. A BIG FAT ZERO. Guess how many invited Supervising Pastor. That's right. A BIG FAT ZERO. I was a little disgruntled, but even so, there are probably only two or three that I'd have been extremely interested in going to, although I would have gone to all that I was invited to. So I used that time to finish up some cleaning. But then, after the 8:00 service and before the 10:30 service, and after about 7 of the youth and families had split before the reception for them between services, I was talking with the high school youth and figured that, since I cleaned and everything, that I'd invite the Sunday night senior high Bible study over to my house that evening. Maybe a little party, even, since my birthday is tomorrow. So, after the 10:30 service I went home and finished cleaning the house, and then at 3:00 I went to the local bowling alley for our Young Adult bowling. Three people, besides myself showed up. But we had a good time (and I actually won one round, even against a league bowler!!!) and we made it back to church (after a stop at a local restaurant) in time for a meeting of the high school youth who want to put on a lock in for the younger youth, and begin a type of mentoring program for the middle school/junior high aged youth, which I think is fantastic. So part way through that I decided that I needed to go to the store to get supplies for the party at my house so I took "Clark" (who DID go bowling with us today! Yay!) and we picked up some stuff. Then we came back, about a half an hour later, and the people were still chatting about the lock in. So then I figured I needed to go back home because some high schoolers who did not show up to the meeting but had been to church were expecting the Bible Study at my house, so I figured I needed to be over there if they showed up. So Clark went with me, and we put on some music and started eating, and some of the other high school youth came, and then they decided the wanted to go outside and play tag. So we were outside playing tag when LT, a boyfriend of one of the girls from church, came out of the church and we roped him into playing tag. A little bit later one of the high school girls came out of the church and said that they needed my inside. She said this with concern, so I was worried that there was something wrong with one of the girls. I get inside, they open the door of my office, and it is decorated with balloons and streamers and there is a cheesecake on my desk with a "2" candle and an "8" candle. I was totally surprised. So I blew out the candles and we took the cake to my house and all enjoyed food and cake and pop (or soda or coke, depending on your location). After eating and talking and joking, some of the youth left (to go enjoy a hot tub) and the rest of us continued eating and then we played some games. Then everyone left except for PD (Pastor's Daughter) and Clark and we watched some episodes of Family Guy, since I bought the first and second seasons on DVD. So as they were getting up to leave I said "I think this is the most activity my house has seen since I moved here." I think I want that to change. I want my house to be active. It's my dream when I have a family to be THE house, the one that is always busy and hectic and noisy and full of kids and friends and pets and people and noise and laughter and love. So why not start now, even though I don't have a family?
But yeah that brings me to now. And it's late. And I'm tired and guess what????
So good night, from a more mature Mark.

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