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Friday, April 01, 2005


have i achieved blog enlightenment?

I think I received my first mean comment today. Probably won't be my last. Because then I think it might mean I'm doing something right. All the real visionary, social justice oriented leader types had lots of people that didn't like them. I mean, look at Oscar Romero and Martin Luther King, Jr. Now, don't even THINK I'm comparing myself to these great men. I mean, I'm a lowly seminary student who writes on a blog. But I was just saying how those who are often doing the greatest things are the ones who receive the worst (and sometimes most violent) criticism and opposition. So really, to have haters on your blog must mean you're blogging right.
Although this guy didn't actually say hateful things about me, or my theology or anything pertaining to me, really. Just about a quote that I chose to use from Martin Luther. He called Marty's character into question. Like that's never been done before. Even us Lutherans have been known to do that from time to time. The man wasn't perfect. But he did some great things for the church. We don't call ourselves Lutherans because he was infallible, but because he outright admitted he was the opposite. He was fallible, and often considered himself to be the most fallible. But it was through the grace of God in Jesus Christ that he was (and we are) redeemed anyway.
So I feel as if I've really accomplished something by inspiring a hateful comment. Even if it was just a drive by. Yay for me!!

Oh, and for those of you who care, the countdown to my birthday is: 49 hours!! Yippee!!

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