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Monday, April 25, 2005



And so the process of transition continues.
The Mothership has begun sending out information about registering for classes for the fall semester. A reminder that my time here on internship is growing shorter. So with the fun of figuring out what classes I will be taking comes all the paperwork for financial aid and all of that fun stuff. Fun, exciting times, I assure you.
I was reminded last night how this is a period of transition not just for me, but for my internship site, as well. Questions about nyi have begun to increase. People are interested to know who will be filling my shoes next year. So I try to answer with as little information as possible, I don't want to affect the way that people view and receive him. So a lot of times I just answer, "You'll have to wait and see for yourself." and "He's a nice guy. I'm sure you will like him."
In my life as a single adult, it is easy to think that things revolve around me and that my transition from internship back to seminary life impacts only me. But I have to remind myself that there is a community of people that it will affect. And like someone once told me, that there will always be people who are happy to see you come, there will always be people who are happy you stuck around, and there will always be people who are happy to see you leave. I'm sure it works the same way with people being upset, too. Some are upset when you come, some are upset that you stay, and then some are upset when you leave.
I'm closing in on the 3 months to go marker of my internship, and people say that this is the period when there is a lot of closure and detaching. Plus, it is when I have to start concerning myself with being approved for professional ministry in the ELCA candidacy process, which means I have more paperwork and essays to write for that. So all of the paperwork for school and the candidacy process will be competing for my focus with my internship duties, as well, which will detach and distract me further from things here on internship.
It's a weird time, and I'm sure it will just get weirder as I go along. And you, my dedicated readers, will get a front row seat. Lucky you.

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