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Monday, April 04, 2005


who's who

So I thought that I'd take my free time to write out a Who's Who. Then I think I'm going to try to link to this post on the right hand side, so that when people are reading my blog and they come across a character, rather than explain that character in the post, they'll have the option to click on the link and read about that character. And I will add to it as I meet more characters along the way.

who's who:
welcome to the peanut gallery
Tom - An older gentleman from church, fairly conservative in his politics and religion, and not the most youth friendly person I have ever met. Well known at the colony for his stances on homosexuality, "non-traditional" worship, and the ineffectiveness of Mark as a leader.
Supervising Pastor, or often times just Supervising - A really good guy and a great supervisor. Leans to the left politically and theologically. Loves coffee and beer, and thinks it is great that Mark has liturgically colored tennis shoes for worship.
PD - Supervising Pastor's daughter, chairperson of the Youth Ministry Committee at church, teaches Senior High Sunday school. Although, according to many people, was a C&E Worship attender (C&E = Christmas and Easter) until the arrival of Mark to the church, at which point she became uber-involved... Hmmm....
Clark - A young man from church, out of high school but not yet in college. Struggling to find a new niche at the church he has been attending since he was a wee one..
The Turkeys - Although it sounds like The Turkeys could be the name of a rock band, these turkeys are the actual feathers and beak kind. Three wild turkeys who are quickly on their way to becoming tame, and hang around the neighborhood because of the large amount of people who feed them. They do not eat bread, however. Unfortunately, I believe their residence in the colony is no more, because after causing an automobile accident they are now participants in the Animal Control Relocation program and they have assumed different identities in some other part of the state.
The Mothership - My affectionate nickname for the seminary of which I am a student. I think the term Mothership alludes to the main alien spacecraft that sends out the smaller spaceships that go off and explore. Then they go back to the Mothership to report their findings, and then the Mothership comes and destroys the planet. I think that this allegory is adequate up until the part about planet destruction. My seminary doesn't do a whole lot of that.
Next Year's Intern, nyi for short - The student from seminary who will be following me next year. At first, I was excited to know who this would be. But learning the identity of this until now hypothetical person has really made me begin to contemplate the impending end of my internship.
The Awesomes - Occasionally you run across a person who you think is amazing. Very seldom, do you come across a whole family. I have been blessed to do just that. Not one member of this family is less than amazing and I am glad, excited and honored to know them and to be considered an honorary Awesome.
Mark - That'd be me. I'm just a guy trying to make a difference in this world. And trying to figure out where God is calling me. And you get to read all about that on this blog. Neat, huh?

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