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Monday, June 13, 2005


tears of a clown... wait, tears BECAUSE of a clown is more like it

I am amazed at the number of people that are afraid of clowns. Or even unsettled by them. And you really don't realize it until you put on the make-up and the wig and the funny clothes and try to interact with people. Then you hear things like, "You're creepy!" or "Clowns freak me out," or small children cower behind the legs of adults, and some cry. Over the course of the day, most of the kids warmed up to the roving band of clowns. And when they figured out that I was behind the clown make-up, a lot more of them warmed up to me. But there was a request that we keep our distance from the preschool class, because several of them were in nears, or at least pretty close to tears, because of the clowns. There was one little boy who, everytime I walked into the room, would stop what he was doing and just stare at me. He wasn't near tears, and he didn't run screaming, it was just obvious that he was very unsettled. His mom is the coordinator, and his grandma is a helper in his class, and his older sister and brother are both in VBS, and they all just thought it was pretty funny. They'd try to get him to warm up to me, by letting him see them give me fives and handshakes and whatnot. But then they'd ask him to do it, and with a quiver in his voice he'd quietly say, "" So I didn't press him on it.

Some of the kids' reactions to the clowns were fun. One girl came up and asked if we knew how to juggle... Unfortunately none of us do. Then, one boy piped up and said, "They can't juggle! They're not CIRCUS clowns, they're just clowns!" I think he was trying to defend us. But then another girl said, "They're not real clowns. They just painted their faces." What I want to know is if she believes that there is a country of real clowns, who don't wear wigs or paint their faces, but are just born that way...

Tomorrow morning is our weekly pastor's text study for the scripture lessons this weekend. Seeing as how I am supposed to be clowning, and I don't have to preach this weekend, I will not be joining the group. Although I might pop in because I'm sure they'd get a kick out of seeing me all clowned up.

To those who requested pictures... I will see what I can do. And to Mackenzie, who requested no white face scary clowns... I'm sorry. That's exactly what we were :(

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