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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


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Nothing too clowny to report today. The kids continue to warm up to the clowns, and several have laid stakes on their favorites, calling us "my clown," and (especially with me, since I'm so much bigger than them) feeling the need to climb and hang on us. One boy in particular has attached himself to me, and refuses to share me with one of the other volunteers. She thought that my get-up was so great she wanted a picture taken with me, to which he replied, "HEY! That's MY clown!" She works at the daycare he attends (which is owned by our church, and so as an outreach tool, they give the daycare kids a discounted rate for the week... So instead of $7, they pay $5 or something like that) and was playfully arguing with him about how I was her clown and not his. So I told him that I was going to go hang out with Miss Sue and he replied that I couldn't do that. Later on that day, when I was back with his class and they were lining up to move to the next station, I said I was going to hang out with Miss Sue, again, and he said it was alright, as long as I hurried back as soon as I could.

So, I've seen this floating around at a couple different blogs, and so I thought that I might as well go ahead and fill it out. I have nothing else to do right now, anyway...

My uncle once: helped excavate a mastodon in Ohio.
Never in my life: would I consider bungee jumping or sky diving.
High school was: fun and exciting, the first half, and painful and nauseating the second.
I will never forget: my internship experience.
I once met: two guys from MTV's Real World... Okay, I didn't really meet them. They were at a booth next to me in an Old Chicago. And I didn't want to go meet them, because I didn't want to be like the young waitresses who were fawning all over them. I'm so much better than that...
Once at a bar: I suddenly realized I was very drunk in the presence of about 10 other pastors from my synod (including Supervising), and a member of the synod staff.
By noon I'm usually: ravenous, and afraid my stomach might digest itself.
Last night: was spent doing work that I didn't get done during the day (due to being a clown) and attending a youth committee meeting. Fun times!
If only I had: a million dollars, I would buy a monkey, because Yes, I HAVE always wanted a monkey.
Next time I go to church: I will be a clown at VBS for the last time (I have to miss the last day because of our annual Synod Assembly... pardon me while I silently weep).
When I turn my head left: I see random clown paraphenilia, pictures of my nieces and godchildren, and a bulletin board covered in pictures drawn by children (yes, it's 9:30 and I'm still at work. I might be starting to become the person they tell you not to be).
When I turn my head right: I see a window and a bag of peanuts (given to me by someone as a joke because of my story involving turkeys and peanuts, but then they kidnapped my turkeys and so I was unable to feed them the peanuts. Thus they sit on my windowsill).
You know when I'm lying when: I can't keep a straight face.
Every day I think about: the impending end of my internship.
By this time next year: I will be scouting the waters of employment in fulltime ministry.
I have a hard time understanding: how people can harm children.
If I ever go back to school I'll: be doing that this September... Oh, you mean AFTER I graduate... Well, shoot, let's handle one school at a time, folks!
You know I like you when: I tease you.
If I won an award the first person I'd thank is: my mommy and daddy. Followed closely by all of the little people who helped me get where I am today. Like the Lollipop Guild and the Mayor of Munchkinland (get it... Little People? probably a politically incorrect joke, I'm sure, so feel free to leave comments reprimanding me for my lack of sensitivity. I'll consider them deserved...)
My ideal breakfast is: eggs, bacon, toast, hasbrowns, pancakes, cold milk and a cup o' coffee.
A song I love, but do not have is: Well, until the other day it was "Conservative Christian, Right Wing Republican, Straight, White, American Males" by Tom Snider (I think that's his name), along with a couple of other songs by him. But as of yesterday I own it, thanks to one of my pals in our area pastor text study.
If you visit my hometown, I suggest: bringing something fun to do, because there's not a whole lot there.
Why won't anyone: admit that they like the Backstreet Boys? I mean, they have had several big albums, and now a new single on the radio, and still no one will admit that they are Backstreet Boy fans. Come on! Somebody has to listen to them! I'm flabbergasted...
If you spend the night at my house: we could stay up all night watching movies and eating junk food, and playing games like Dream Date and looking at fun magazines like YM and Teen Beat and Soldier of Fortune.
I'd stop my wedding for: a medical emergency. Or perhaps a large bag of Cheetos. It would have to be a pretty big bag, though.
The world could do without: intolerance, racism, sexism, violence, hunger, hatred, the gross imbalance of wealth, religious terrorism, any kind of terrorism for that matter, and brussel sprouts.
I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: a skunk's butt.
Paper clips are more useful than: a hole in my head. Or hangnails.
If I do anything well: I probably don't think that I do it that well.
And by the way: there is no softball game tomorrow, so a couple of people from church and I are going to see the newest Batman movie.
The last time I was drunk: may have been the time I suddenly realized I was very drunk in the presence of about 10 other pastors from my synod (including Supervising), and a member of the synod staff .

Hope you had as much fun reading that as I did writing it. Until next time...

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