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Friday, July 29, 2005


moral to the story

So, after a comment about my previous story, I began to think if there was a moral or a deeper meaning that could be found within the story. Personally, I think messages of God's grace can be found just about anywhere, so why don't we dig a little deeper.

Perhaps Bobby, the camper, represents humanity. We often are in situations that leave us covered in "crap." But regardless of the situation we find ourselves in, God washes us clean of all of that stuff, provides us with new garments and brings us back into the flock. Of course, that metaphor falls apart with the imperfect and impatient counselor (that'd be me). Through most of the story I was more worried about the fact that I had to deal with excrement and just wanted Bobby to get cleaned up so we could put this situation behind us and move on with our day, as normal. The fact that I was having to remove myself from the other activity going on to deal with this crap made me a little indignant towards Bobby. I mean, he knew that we were in the tent closest to the bathroom! This was preventable! God, however, is infinitely patient with us and God's only concern in that we be cleaned and rejoin the flock. It doesn't matter how long it takes or how much crap is involved. The trouble that we cause God does not cause God to love us any less. No matter how stupid we can be, God's love for us does not change or waver. God's ultimate concern is us, not that God is wasting God's time dealing with poop when God would rather be building sand castles in the volleyball court. So, naturally, I make a horrible God-figure in this story.

So, there's a possible deeper spiritual message behind the story. Humans are imperfect, but God still loves us in all of our crap-covered glory.

Any other ideas?

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