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Thursday, July 14, 2005


new webring

So, Christopher over at Bending the Rule had joined a webring and then quit, after realizing that there was a bit too much porn for his liking. Then, Nathan at Quo Vadis created the Queer Faith Alliance as a way to connect gay people of faith, and saying that there is a "need for queer people of faith to come together at this time and affirm in our exile that we, too, are the People of God and that we are all human persons worthy of the same dignity and respect, and the rights that come with that dignity and respect. If we don't come together to say it, it has become increasingly clear that no one else is going to."

I couldn't agree more. I believe that the issue of inclusion in the church is not something that only affects our GLBT brothers and sisters, although it more directly affects them, but it affects all the Children of God. It is not just the job of those being oppressed and silenced to cry out, but it is also the job of those of us who live in privilege to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters. And so, since the Queer Faith Alliance exists solely as a webring for LGBT people, I thought that I would create a webring for LGBT Children of God and their allies. I named it "Reconciling Christian Bloggers" because I know that the movement in the Lutheran church is called "Reconciling in Christ," and our token Methodist at text study has a travel mug that says "Proud to be a Reconciling Methodist."

So please join! Don't make my first attempt at a webring go down in flames!!! Click on "join" in the little square on my sidebar!! Let's join together and let our LGBT sisters and brothers know that they are indeed welcome in the family of God and that we are ready, willing and able to struggle beside them!

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