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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


podunk gay pride?

I think, this previous week, that I experienced Podunk's version of a gay pride festival.
There were festivities: rock bands, a Blues Brothers tribute band, drum and bugle corps competition, carnival rides and games, and even a parade.
There was food: corn dogs, cotton candy, funnel cakes, elephant ears, turkey legs, cheese fries, smoothies, lemonade, soda, a lot of alcohol and more.
There were a lot of people: people on stilts, clowns, shriners in small cars, people in skimpy clothing, lots of tanned and toned bodies, people in outrageous costumes, a couple brave same sex couples holding hands in public, and a plethora of "carnies".
But the thing that topped it all of was the slogan for the event. Now, if someone from the area (or someone who has previously lived in the area) reads this blog, and still has no idea where I'm located, once I reveal the slogan for the event, all should be made clear. The slogan for the event, which is called The Petunia Festival, was:
The Pink... The Proud... The Petunias!
It just seemed like quite the gay pride slogan to me. Everytime I heard it, saw it on a button, or thought of it, I would giggle to myself and wonder if anyone on the planning committee ever had that thought occur to them. For some reason, I doubt it. But it provided me with humor throughout the festivities. Plus, I can't complain because it's not everyday I get the chance to gorge myself on funnel cakes and cotton candy and corn dogs, and hang out in a spot which provides such great opportunities to people watch.

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