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Monday, August 08, 2005


good idea?

So I took a carload of stuff to the Mothership today.

I'm still unsure if it was a good idea or not.

It was good because it gets a load of stuff there that will need to be there eventually. Thus reducing the amount of stuff still here that needs to be removed from here.

It was good because I got to hang out with a good friend and his cute toddler. We went out for lunch to a new burrito place in town and then we went back to his house and I played with his son's toys. And chased the dog around the house.

It was good because I got to walk around campus and see strange and unfamiliar faces and think, "Someday soon you might be my friend."

It was good because I was able to spend time with another dear friend as she arranged things in her apartment, then we went out for supper and then to Target (I miss Target) where I bought a shower curtain and a bath mat for my dorm room bathroom.

It may not have been good because part of me just wanted to stay there. Part of me didn't want to have to come back here to deal with the finality of internship; to say good bye and finish packing and cleaning. While I was there part of me just wanted to stay there and resume that part of my life, without putting the finishing touches on this part.

Now, part of me is chomping at the bit to get back there; to be able to spend every day playing with my toddler friend and eating with my good friends and meeting strange and unfamiliar friends.

So, I'm really stuck in the middle of both worlds right now. Part of me (and part of my stuff) is back at seminary, ready to be whole heartedly there. Part of me (and part of my stuff) is still here on internship, desperately clinging to the people and the memories, not quite ready to let go. It's a very weird and awkward place to be.

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