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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


unfortunate, but not unexpected

Today was our church trip to Chicago to watch the Cubbies play. And they lost. It was close until the 9th inning, when the Cincinatti Reds scored about six runs. But it was fun and I got a Cubs shirt with their vintage logo on it. And also four hotdogs, two waters a Pepsi and a large pretzel. It was an expensive day.
But it was a fun day. The bus ride up was good. We joked around and I sat by a seventh grader and we played War with a deck of cards (I totally kicked his butt), and watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on the TVs in the bus.
Watching the game was fun, until about the third or fourth inning when the young kids who had the seats behind my row finally came stumbling in (fyi: they were NOT from our church). One of the guys had made a large sign that said, "It's my 21st birthday. Buy me a beer!" and he was enthusiastically waving it around. I thought about buying him a beer, but decided not to because they were $5.50 a piece, plus it was obvious that he and his friends had already had plenty to drink. There were four guys and two gals in this group, and it was obvious one of the girls had already drank too much. She was very loud and VERY vulgar, shouting things about the different Cubs players if they'd make an error. At one point, several of them got up to go either to the restroom or the concession stand, and this girl was so inebriated that she almost fell down the stairs several times. One of the times she was caught by a member of my congregation. It was very obvious that most of the people from my church that were in my row were very uncomfortable with this group of people behind us, and I was THIS close to turning around and saying something, but I didn't want to provoke them anymore and eventually they started to tone it down and several of the guys tried to reign this young woman in. They left midway through the 9th inning and I think we all took a collective sigh of relief.
The bus ride home was fun, as well. We did Mad Libs and took pictures and watched Shrek and took naps. Then PD (Pastor's Daughter), Clark and I, along with a couple high schoolers, went out for supper afterwards.
So it was a fun day, and as a result of this trip I already have three meals for this week booked with different families from church. If I play my cards right, I will not have to fix a single meal. That would be nice!

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