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Sunday, August 07, 2005


you might be thinking...

that I've been posting an awful lot about camp. Different memories and stories and the like. Well, there's a reason for that.

Okay, a couple of reasons. First, it's one of the few summers in quite a while that I have not spent at least a little time out at a camp. The summer I did CPE two years ago was another summer like this one, but these two might be the only ones for as far back as almost a decade.

And second, because I wanted to post about anything else except the upcoming end to my internship. And since that has been pretty prominent in my life as of late, it made sense to probe the depths for blogging material. But I can't NOT post about the end of my internship right now. And that's because I have a week left.

That's right. The countdown has arrived at the final week. And this week will fly by fairly rapidly. You see, tomorrow is my day off. I will be taking a car load of stuff to be moved into my room at the Mothership. I don't have enough to rent a uhaul or some other sort of truck or trailer, but I have just enough that it doesn't fit into one carload. So my day off before I move out for good is dedicated to taking a load of stuff.

Tuesday, I will be out of the office all day on a church trip to go watch the Chicago Cubs. It's an annual event at this church. They charter a bus and take a big group over to the city for a game. So that will eat up most of my day on Tuesday.

Wednesday is our final area clergy meeting. We've met once a month since August, and this is the day that kind of marks the ending/beginning of the year for them. So we're meeting for breakfast at a restaurant, then we'll meet and go over all sorts of things like what is going on in the lives of the clergy and their churches, and then we're breaking off into smaller groups to go do recreational things. Some are going to play golf. I'm breaking off with two good friends (if you want to go as far back as September in my archives, you'll come across The Adventures of Pastor Intern Mark in the Land of the Professional Leaders' Conference. My two friends are in that story under Liberal Woman Pastor and Glasses Pastor) and we're going to go bike riding that day.

Thursday will be my first day in the office. It's also my final supervisory session with Supervising. And then the office staff is going out for lunch. I'm guessing it is going to be a farewell lunch for moi.

Friday I will be in the office, hurriedly working to complete my sermon and a few of the other duties for worship. As well as packing and cleaning.

Saturday morning will be spent packing and cleaning and finishing up my sermon. Saturday evening will be spent leading worship and preaching.

Sunday morning will be spent leading worship and preaching, twice, separated by a farewell reception for me. Sunday afternoon and evening will be spent packing and cleaning.

Insert in there, multiple times, I'm sure, final visits to friends' houses, eating with parishioners, and other assorted closure type things. Yup... the end is right around the corner.

I cannot believe we are at this point right now. It is completely unbelievable.

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