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Monday, September 05, 2005


i could have died (disclaimer: that's a bit of an exaggeration. just a bit.)

A couple of days ago I was in the midst of doing laundry or some other such thing in an attempt to procrastinate writing something for class, which starts this week. Now, the stairways in the dorm are closed off from each floor by doors. I was headed down to the basement, so I pushed the door open and walked into the stairway. That's when I felt something hit me on the top left of my head. It startled me, so I jumped, but also stopped to figure out what had hit me in the head. That's when I saw it fall to the ground. It was a bat.

No, not a Louisville Slugger kind of bat. A fur and wings and teeth kind of bat.

That's when I let out an extremely manly sound similar to "Uaarraarrraaeeerrrhhh!"

I looked to the ground and saw this poor little bat, curled up and obviously scared and confused by all of the light. After some freaking out, I figured I needed to get this bat out of the dormitory. So I retreated to my room and grabbed a towel. Placing the towel on top of the bat, I scooped the towel together and picked the bat up off of the ground. I could hear the bat chirping or squeaking, or whatever noise a bat makes, so I knew it was alive.

Part way down the stairs (and about 5 feet away from getting it outside) either the bat managed to squeeze out of towel and I got startled and dropped the towel, or I lost grip on the towel and it fell (I don't remember which exactly) but somehow the towel came out of my hand and the bat started flying around the stairway like a maniac.

I ran up the stairs, being pursued by the bat, and making some more manly noises. I ducked and ran, but the bat kept swooping at me and chasing me. I don't really believe that the bat wished me harm, I just believe that it was confused and discombobulated. It flew into the rungs of the stairway railing a couple of times, as well, before flying all the way upstairs.

So I quickly retreated back to my room, figuring that both the bat and I had been traumatized enough for the moment and we both deserved a break.

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