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Monday, October 31, 2005


have you ever...?

I remember playing the game "I've never..." where a person would make a statement like, "I've never licked a banana slug." And if you've never licked a banana slug then you'd stand up... Or maybe if you have licked a banana slug, then you'd stand up... I don't remember, exactly.
Well, anyway, there's this thing floating around the blog world, so I thought I'd fill it out. It kind of reminds me of that game.

Copy, paste, answer, add one of your own:

Have you ever...
1. smoked a cigar - yes, and even a cigarillo. I'm cool like that.
2. crashed a friend's car - no
3. stolen a car - no
4. been in love - no
5. been dumped - yes
6. dumped someone - yes
7. taken shots of alcohol - yes
8. been fired – well, yes... and then no... it's a confusing story.
9. been in a fist fight - no, although i did punch a kid in the nose
10. snuck out of a/your house - never had to. I was a good kid and my parents trusted me.
11. had feelings for someone who didn't have them back - yes
12. been arrested - yes. for a horribly stupid reason. but it's there on my permanent record...
13. made out with a stranger - I've made out with some strange people, but never strangers
14. gone on a blind date - no, although a friend tried to get me to go on a blind date, although it turned out it wasn't a blind date because I knew the girl... but then we didn't go on the date because the guy who tried to set me up on the blind date ended up dating the girl he was trying to set me up with... it was a summer camp thing
15. lied to a friend - yes
16. had a crush on a teacher - a couple, my first grade teacher was nice and my third grade teacher was cute, and my 7th grade math teacher was amazing.
18. seen someone die - yes, my grandpa. I was next to his bed when he passed away.
19. been on a plane - yes
20. thrown up in a bar - Probably. I've thrown up in lots of different places for lot of different reasons.
21. eaten insects/grubs/worms/larvae - i drank one, once...
22. miss someone right now - yes
23. laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by - yes
24. made a snow angel - yes
25. played dress up - yes
26. cheated while playing a game - yes
27. been lonely - yes
28. fallen asleep at work/school - yes, my senior high english teacher rearranged the seating arrangement so I was in front, thinking it would stop me from sleeping. Didn't work.
29. used a fake id - no
30. felt an earthquake - no
31. touched a snake - yes, not really a big deal...
32. run a red light - yes, just the other day in fact. After which my friend rejoiced because now she thought I couldn't make fun of her for her poor driving skills. Silly girl!
33. had detention - yes. my first ever detention was in 7th grade for writing the "b-word" on a gravestone in the computer game Oregon Trail
34. been in a car accident - no, a couple minor bumps but never an accident
35. hated the way you look - yes
37. been lost - yes
38. been to the opposite side of the country - well, i'm sorta in the middle, so there is no opposite side... but I have been to both coasts and up to the Northern Border and down to the Southern Border... so, yes.
39. felt like dying - This depends... Do we mean the "I was so embarrassed I could've died!!!" felt like dying where it's just an expression and not literally wanting to die? Then probably yes. If it's literally feeling like dying an actual death, then no.
40. cried yourself to sleep - not that i can remember
41. played cops and robbers - yes and cowboys and indians, but mostly superheroes
42. sung karaoke - HECK YEAH!!! I love singing karaoke!!
43. done something you told yourself you wouldn't - Unfortunately, yes. A lot.
44. laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose - yes, that burns.
45. caught a snowflake on your tongue - Well, I think that my body heat/breath usually melts them before they really touch... so I technically don't know if I have ever actually done this...
46. kissed in the rain - no
47. sang in the shower - yes, loud and proud. And now that my neighbor has moved out, I find myself doing it a lot more
48. made love in a park - nope
49. had a dream that you married someone - I think so... I've had dreams where I was married, so if we use our logic, then I had to have married her sometime...
50. glued your hand to something - yes, ususally on purpose
51. got your tongue stuck to a flag pole - no, a chain link fence, however? yes!
52. worn the opposite sex's clothes - yes
53. Been a cheerleader – did they really have to ask this question? For about three weeks my freshman year of college, I had a friend ask me because they thought the cheerleaders needed some men to be bases for their stunts. I went to a few practices and helped out at a game, but the women in the squad were far too bitchy and catty for me, so I quickly left.
54. sat on a roof top - yes
55. talked on the phone all night - Oh goodness, no.
56. ever too scared to watch scary movies alone – Well, I'm usually fine watching the movies... but if I need to walk somewhere afterwards, then that is usually when I'm scared. Even when it's in my house.
57. played chicken fight - in the swimming pool? no. on bikes? yes. with an oncoming car or train? um... yes, but I never lasted very long at all.
58. been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on - no
59. been told you're hot by a complete stranger - yes
60. broken a bone - just my toe
61. had a 3-some? - What kind of questionaire is this????
62. dipped snuff? - um... ew... no
63. lived overseas - well, I was alive when I was overseas... so, technically, I've lived overseas... but I have never claimed residence overseas
64. Ever passed out/fainted? - There have been some close calls, but no
65. blown bubbles in the wintertime - no, and this is a weird question...
66. slept in your car? - yes
67. given money to a stranger? - yes
68. forgot your birthday? - no
69. forgot your best friend's birthday? - yes
70. been in the presence of the Pope or the President? - no, but I have been in the presence of the Governor of Nebraska (Is that close?)
71. failed a test? - probably, though I don't remember
72. failed a class? - yes (not because I failed a test, but because I didn't turn in a major assignment)
73. accurately predicted a future event? - nothing Nostradamus-like, but I've said stuff like "If you say that to her, she'll hit you." And they have and she has.
74. slept overnight in a hospital without being a patient? - numerous times
75. realized a dream? - um... is this like had a dream, and then it sorta came true? Then no, I'm not that cool. But if this is like, having a dream, and then waking up and saying something like, "I just realized I had a dream!" then I've done that... although most people have, so I don't really see the need to include a question like that in the list. So, I'm guessing that this question is more along the lines of my first guess...

If you think I added question 75, you'd be wrong... and a bit weird, since it's obvious that I don't even really understand the question. I added question 21, because there was no 21, and that bothers me when there are missing questions in these types of things.
Maybe someday I'll explain a bit more some of the things on the list. Anything up there you wouldn't mind hearing more about??

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