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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


i have nothing to say

I do not have much to say. But, blogging has become a great procrastination tool for me, and since I have studying I should be (but don't want to be) doing, blogging seems like a pretty good option right about now.
I was approached by a professor today, who told me that someone had told him that they were impressed by my theologizing. I asked him who, and he said that he wouldn't divulge who it was, but that you couldn't get a much better compliment than to have this someone say that about you. Eventually, he hinted that it was the professor who intimidates (or used to, really) the heck out of me, and who did my approval interview. So that was a pleasant and great surprise to hear what was being tossed around among the faculty about me. Of course, now this other professor said that it has increased his expectations about me in the class I have with him. Drat!
In other news, because I was one of the seniors assigned to help with chapel this week, I was asked to assist with our service of healing, because today we commemorated St Luke the physician. I thought it would be neat, to participate in the laying on of hands and anointing with oil. Alas, it was not to be. Yes, I was still expected to help, but it turns out that my part in the scheme of things was to stand at one of the four stations with an ordained faculty/staff member, and hold in one hand the notecard that had the prayer that the ordained person would pray, and to hold in the other hand the little dish of oil used for anointing. As the service progressed, I thought that maybe at the end, the ordained person would anoint me and then I would get the chance to anoint her. Alas, that was not to be, either. Another station finished before us, so that professor (and the senior with him) came over and the staff member I was assisting anointed both of them. Then, she switched places with the professor and he anointed her. Then we all sat down. So, really, because I was a senior, I got to be a shelf. It was neat...
Anyway... I suppose I should go and be about doing something productive. Hopefully, soon, I will have something better and more interesting to share.

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