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Monday, October 24, 2005



I was tagged, a while ago, by my friend J to share with everyone five of my idiosyncracies. I have no explanation as to why I have not listed them until now. I am in bondage to sin, and cannot free myself. And by this point, really, the whole idiosyncracy fad has long ago burnt out in the blogosphere. But, of course, then I am just staying true to my character, because I am the child that got those Reebok Pumps high tops about a year after they were all the rage...
So, here goes:

1. I get extremely angry when I see people press the handicapped accessible button for doors when they don't need to. If they have their hands full or if they legitimately need it, that's fine. But I was at a certain denominational headquarters a few years ago, and person after person after person pushed the button when they had no reason to do so. They were just being lazy. And for some reason this drove me to new depths of rage that I had not yet reached.

2. I could never be a) a vegetarian or b) an Orthodox Jewish person because of my deep, undying, unequaled love of bacon. I believe, as is often said of beer, that bacon is undeniable proof of God's gracious and unconditional love for us. Why else would we be blessed with such wonderful, crispy goodness? I also have a deep love of cheese. I thought about including my love for all things cheese as a separate idiosyncracy, but I felt it was cheating. They are both food obsessions and so they can be considered similar and related. Bacon and cheese.... mmmmm.........

3. I have, and wear, liturgically colored shoes when I lead worship. It happened one day on internship, when I bought a fun pair of blue shoes. It just happened to be during the church season of Advent, which is when the sanctuary is decorated in blue. My supervisor said that I should wear them to church. So I did. Then I added red, green and purple to my collection. Here is a picture of my green pair.


4. I have a hierarchy of undershirts. Now, you'd think that all undershirts were created equally. But if you did, you'd be wrong. I have various, plain white t-shirts that I have bought at various times and locations, and some have more authority than others (sort of like Scripture). So, if all of my undershirts are clean, I will wear the Fruit of the Loom with no tags, first. After I have run out of those, then I switch to the Hanes with tags shirts. After those have run out, I have a few random shirts from a company I do not recall. They are the last ones that I will wear. Often times I do laundry before I get to those, so there really is no need to wear them. Why don't I get rid of them, you ask? Well, the answer is simple, really... Because if I get rid of them, then I will have to do laundry sooner. While I have them, I don't have to do laundry because I have the option of being able to wear them. Were I to get rid of them, then the option would turn into a necessity. So, therefore, I keep my hierarchy of undershirts intact.

5. Well, I don't know if this counts as an idiosyncracy, because I know that it describes A LOT of people, but I am a horrible procrastinator. There is nothing like leaving something to the very last possible moment before rushing to finish it, and freaking out because I don't think there is any chance that I will get it done in time. Almost every time I get it done, yet almost every time I still freak out.

So, there you have them. [Some of]My wonderful idiosyncracies. Finally. I hope that you have enjoyed them and found them worth the wait. You know what Heinz says about their ketchup... Good things come to those who wait. Hopefully it is true in this instance, as well.

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