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Thursday, October 13, 2005


me = nervous

tomorrow (as in 8 1/2 hours) i preach during our morning chapel service here at the mothership. my sermon is finished, although i keep reading through it and thinking that there is something more i should say, or that i should add something, or that i should redo something. although at this point in time i have no idea what it is that i should say or add or redo. and, because i am the king of procrastination and waited this long to finish my sermon, i don't have time to sleep on it and read it again and think about adding something then. nope, because by the time i'm done sleeping it will be time to go to my morning class, and then to chapel where i preach. and, irony of all ironies, the sermon text is philippians 4:1-9 where it talks about not worrying but through prayer and supplication lifting things up to God. so, in my sermon, i deal with all the things in seminary that can be anxiety inducing (which is a lot). then i say something along the lines of that we don't need to have anxiety or worries about these things because God is near and present with us in the midst of these things. and even if we fail, or things don't go well, it is okay because our identity is not wrapped up in these things, our identity is wrapped in up in being a child of God and we have been called and claimed children of God through the death and resurrection of Jesus and not because of anything we have or have not done.
so really i should be practicing what i'm going to preach, and not worry about my sermon anymore, and remember that no matter how well it goes (or doesn't go) tomorrow, that i am still a child of God and God still loves me regardless.
anyway, i'm going to try to go to bed now. perhaps i will post an update when i have time tomorrow, post-sermon.

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