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Friday, October 14, 2005


the morning after

My sermon has been preached. Not only did I survive, but I managed to do so without vomiting. Always a good thing. I think I did a pretty good job. My personality came through in the sermon and when I was up in the pulpit I went back to the same comfort level that I had back on internship. It was good to be back in the pulpit again. It didn't even phase me that the people staring back at me were professors and classmates.
Afterwards, I received many compliments and "Good jobs" and the like. Some I think were from people who felt that was what they needed to do, whether or not they liked the sermon. Others were very heartfelt from people who didn't need to say anything at all. Several professors have complimented me, especially on my leadership presence. It is nice and fun and good to receive such compliments from people whose opinions you greatly respect.
Now, a couple things have happened because of my sermon:
1. In my sermon I deal pretty honestly with how worried and anxious I was concerning the professors I was assigned for my approval interview. (click here to read my entry on that). In the midst of my sermon, where I am talking about all of the things that can make us anxious in seminary, I mention the approval interview and how I thought I would be okay if I didn't get this one certain professor who has the ability to strike fear into my heart. And then I get the list of assignments and sure enough, I did, indeed, get this one certain professor and then I fear that I will not make it through alive... or something like that. Well, everyone knew who I was talking about (of course I already knew where he was sitting and I looked at him a couple times while I was saying that) and everyone laughed. He loved it and cracked up about it. Afterwards we chatted about it and he said, "Did you notice how everyone knew you were talking about me?" And now whenever he sees me he gets a big grin and waves. I think he gets a kick out of knowing that a large portion of the student body is intimidated by him!
2. In a small group after chapel, a classmate of mine came in and said "[Our professor for this small group, and also our academic dean] leaned over to me during worship and said, 'Don't you think he looks just like a bishop standing up there? All he needs is a pectoral cross!'" Well, then he came into class and told me basically the same thing to my face. And then all of my classmates basically agreed with him. I said that I wasn't sure how I felt about that. But now I have people calling me Bishop Mark. Eek!
So, those are two of the bigger results of my sermon from yesterday.
Anyway, it is close to lunch and it is beauteous outside, so I will run along and enjoy the nice weather before I gorge on some greasy cafeteria food.
Be blessed and be a blessing!!

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