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Friday, November 11, 2005


i survived... however, NOW comes the big decision!

The lock in went surprisingly quickly and surprisingly easy. It was a testament to the youth here on campus how well they were able to get along, despite the discrepancy in their ages. We had four fifth graders, a sixth grader, a handful of seventh and eighth graders and then a sizable group of high schoolers. Not once did I see anyone being mistreated for being younger or anything like that, in fact the high schoolers were very good at including the younger youth. The only reason we opened it up to the younger grades was because we were unsure if we would get much of a turn out from the older grades. When such a large group of them showed up, I began to get nervous how the dynamics would be, but they turned out wonderful.

However, here comes the big decision. I did not sleep at all last night. I just finished my hour and a half of work in the admissions office (my work study) getting ready for the prospective student weekend that starts tomorrow. I have nothing else going on today, except for a lunch meeting and then staffing the youth room at 3:30. I could use, and definitely wouldn't mind taking, a nap. However, we have one senior preach every week during chapel. Normally they are on Thursdays, however due to a convocation on inclusive/expansive language yesterday, the senior preacher was bumped to Friday. I have the need/desire to show up at every senior preacher's chapel to show my support for them. However, I am in my room now, and chapel started about one minute ago (it's about a 15 second walk from my room) and my bed looks very comfortable right about now. I'm thinking I might cave in to my weak, broken, human nature and crawl to that nice welcoming bed instead of going to support my colleague.

Is that bad?

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