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Saturday, November 12, 2005


perhaps some follow up

It seems as if an entry so optimistic and lovely as my previous one deserves some follow up.

I took some medicine and my head ache went away.

After my day really got started, I wasn't tired anymore.

My clothes got washed.

My car got cleaned out (it wasn't as messy as I thought, so it didn't take as long).

I showered.

And the day was busy but there are a lot of great people here. Almost 25 prospective students, and if you add significant others and friends and family, then we're up to about 34 or so. That's pretty good. The ones that I have met and had a chance to talk to and whose stories I have gotten to hear are great and wonderful and amazing children of God. If a third of these people end up coming to our school, then we will be tremendously blessed. Praise and thanks be to God, for God continues to raise up good and faithful leaders to carry out the mission of God's Church. Alleluia!

However, now I have some reading to do and a few other odds and ends that didn't get done today. So I must go and do them. And then there is the sleeping. Great and mighty shall be the sleeping.

p.s. We did Holden Evening Prayer by Marty Haugen tonight [aka, for those in the know, Vespers '86*]. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Holden Evening Prayer. Takes me back to my days in college, when we'd meet every Wednesday evening to worship. It just gives me such a feeling of God's presence to hear the gathered community sing such profound words to such moving music.

* Holden Evening Prayer was written by Marty Haugen in 1986 for the community at Holden Village near Chelan, Washington. They still continue to worship using this liturgy at least once a week. However, they call it Vespers '86, because it is a service of vespers written for that community in 1986. Makes sense, don'tcha think?

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