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Thursday, November 10, 2005


super hero clergy shirts

So, I'm not tired and I just read some of the comments from my previous post, and my friend J's comments reminded me of something that happened my first year of seminary.

In the past, senior pictures were a very big deal. A copy of your photo was sent out with your paperwork to all of the bishops. When they looked at what your gifts and growing edges and ministry preferences and ideal locations, they also looked at your smiling face.

One senior decided it would be a good idea to get his picture taken in a Spiderman clergy shirt. He thought it looked good as well as demonstrated his personality. And, since he was paying for the pictures, he decided it would be okay for him to wear the shirt in his pictures.

The faculty and administration had other ideas, I guess.

I don't know specifics, but I do know that there was a pretty big stink about his choice of wardrobe. The F&A didn't like the fact that this picture of him in a Spiderman shirt would be what was sent out to all of the bishops. First, they didn't think it reflected well on him as a potential leader and pastor. Second, and probably most importantly, I don't think they thought that it was a good reflection on the Mothership. And so, they required him to get his picture retaken. I do not know if he had to pay the sitting fee again, or not, but he ended up getting his picture retaken and that is what was displayed on the wall in the composite of his class.

I do not know, with the advent of internet forms and all of those high techie things, if our photos are still sent out with our paperwork or not. However, I like to pick and choose the things I want to make waves about. I did not think that wearing a super hero themed clergy shirt was a wave worth making.

Well, that and I don't have a super hero themed clergy shirt... or a hawaiian print one, either (Sorry, rwk).

I assume that this story is what my friend J was referring to in his comment to my previous post, seeing as how that would have been the class that he ended up graduating with. I just thought that I'd take this moment of sleeplessness to fill in the rest of my loyal readers and share a fun story in the process.

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