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Monday, November 08, 2004


i'm even more famous

So I was surfing the web, and looking at the webpage for Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp in Kalispell, MT and looking through the photos page, and I ran across some more pictures of my world famous "interrupting jokes." This time, rather than at a talent show, I was demonstrating them to the camp director. These pictures are much better than the ones previously posted, so I just thought they needed to be shared with my reading community. I am proud of these pictures, and must say I need to give mad props to the photographer... Who I also need to write a letter to, because she's written myself (and my partner Kathleen) a couple of letters since we've visited and I have been horrible at writing back, which won't surprise anyone who knows me. So, without further ado, here are the pictures:

First is a shot of me beginning to perform the interuppting gecko on the camp director, Brad. As you can see he is demonstrating the perfect "what the hell are you doing, freak?!?!?" reaction that this joke often elicits.

gecko1 Posted by Hello

Next is a great shot of my face during the joke, which many people say is what makes the joke hilarious. If I were to do the joke without the face, I guess it would just be creepy and sad. Now it's hilarious with an undertone of creepy and sad.

[editor's note: picture removed to retain some shred of anonymity. the previous picture is kind of blurry, so we here at the colony decided to keep it up to add some aesthetic value to this post.]

When I am famous, and win some award, I will be sure to thank only those who let me know they want to be thanked by leaving a comment in my comment box for this post.
So there.

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