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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


journey into the deep, dark, scary unknown

I have not had the best luck with some of my appliances (read appliance hell for more about that). Well, everything has been behaving appropriately for a while now, and so I guess I lulled into a sense of peacefulness. That was until I went shopping and bought some foods that need to be kept frozen. I opened my freezer door and went to sit the food on the bottom of the freezer, and it splashed. I thought "That was weird, the freezer isn't supposed to have water in it. What's up with that?" There was a bag of frozen chicken breasts on the bottom, and I thought perhaps that they had thawed out, but then there was ice in the tray, so then if the chicken thawed the ice would have melted... Wait a minute... When did my ice maker and tray become a waterfall? And wouldn't you know it, the tube that connects in the back to my icemaker and is responsible for putting the water in that later becomes ice, was continuously flowing, so the ice box/tray thing had filled up with water and was now overflowing and the bottom of the freezer had a layer of water. "That's not right," I said as I closed the door and went to the back of the fridge. I did the first thing I thought of, which was pull the tube out of the back of the fridge. Well, this resulted in water being spurted all over, so I grabbed a metal bowl and placed it on the floor and put the tube in it. Hmmmm....., I thought, that won't work. It's just going to fill with water in like a minute and then start overflowing. So I crimped the hose so that the water stopped, and then put a clothes pin on it so that it would stay that way. Then I followed the tube to see where it went, and it went down through the floor to, wouldn't you know it, the furnace room. The furnace room that makes such noises as to convince me that a strange man lives down there and hits and kicks things. So I boldly went down into the furnace room and looked around. There was a panel that could be taken out, so I did that, and there is a rather large crawlspace. Oh my, I thought. Maybe that's how the man gets in and out of my house. He just comes in through the crawl space to hit and kick things, and then leaves through the crawl space. But regardless of the purpose of the crawlspace, I did not want to go in there.
So I went back over to church and enlisted the help of my supervising pastor who seems to be much more savvy when it comes to this types of things. So he comes over with me and we start inspecting things and he gets on a little step stool with a flash light and says "Yep, unfortunately it goes into the crawlspace." (I had already told him about the crawlspace and my innate fear of this space. So we take the panel off of the crawlspace and it is a dark space, with random stuff strewn about it, such as pine cones and boxes. I say that it looks like some wild animal could live in there. Pastor says probably, but probably not right at this moment. So it is my duty to climb into the crawlspace and turn off the valve which we have found. So I start shining the flashlight around to make sure there are no angry opossums or raccoons (have I mentioned my hatred of raccoons? yes, i think i did so in trail of carnage revisited). So really I'm afraid that I'll climb halfway in and a raccoon will start mauling my face. As funny as that would be to watch happen to someone else, the prospect of having a rabid raccoon attached to my face by its teeth and claws is NOT on the top of any of my lists of priorities, and so I was very careful before I climbed in. There were no raccoons, just one of the largest pine cones I have ever seen and a random large yellow plastic duck. Don't ask, I have no idea. So I climb into this portal to the deep, dark, scary unknown, and shut off the water. So that solved that problem. We found out after we walked back up that it was a problem with the pump in the fridge that pumps water into the ice maker, so we unhooked that, too. I said it wasn't a big deal because I didn't use enough ice to necessitate an automatic ice maker. And although it was handy, it was not necessary by any means. So now I have to make my own ice, which means I should go get some ice trays. But that was my excitement today.

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